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This is really most

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This is really most interesting! Did you get in contact with Antonio Terrone? As you cite from the thesis I guess you have received a copy? If yes, is this generally available?

Thanks as usual for your wonderful research.

Much love,

Antonio Terrone's PhD thesis

Hi, Florian,

The bit I quoted was from the abstract (which I linked to—that is available online). Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of the whole thesis. I'm looking into getting a copy via interlibrary loan.



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Please let me know if you get hold of it. Sounds like great stuff.


Google Books

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Dear all,

I stumbled across a book co-written by Antonio Terrone with Sarah Jacoby entitled 'Buddhism Beyond the Monastery: Tantric Practices and Their Performers in Tibet and the Himalayas'. It is partially on Google Books and nearly the entire chapter by Terrone is there. The Chapter is called 'Householders and Monks: a Study of Treasure Revealers and their Role in Religious Revival in Contemporary Eastern Tibet'. I haven't read it yet... but I'm gonna.


More from Antonio Terrone

Thanks, Alex, that's an awesome find. I've started reading it, and as Florian says, it's really exciting. I'm somewhat swamped with other work at the moment, but I plan to post some detailed comments soon-ish.

Antonio Terrone thesis

Thank you very much indeed for this! Unfortunately Ngakpa Ögyen and I have both been unusually busy of late, and neither of us have had a chance to follow up on your pointer or Alex's. I am really looking forward to reading it and writing about it. David

Respecting the embargo

I had dinner with Ögyen Dorje a couple of nights ago.  We agreed that it would be best to respect the embargo on Antonio Terrone's thesis—but we hope to post a review and analysis immediately after the embargo expires.  It's by far the most detailed Western-academic discussion of the ngakpa tradition to date, so it's exceptionally relevant.

This is quite à nice

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This is quite à nice reference you like to explore ...

From Blazing Splendor the biography of Tulku Uryen (page 249, 2 para, 3 line).
“Shortly after the empowerment begun the young Dudjom arrived, unencumbered by servants, a following or possessions. Being from the Pemakö province he was becoming famous under the name of Pekö Dudjom.. He was a Ngakpa with long hair and a white skirt” At Tsurphu receiving the Thre sections of the Great Perfection given by Samten Gyatso.

Do you have some more references or information about the text called - the Kuntuzangpo Ralpa Nakpo mDo (Kun tu bZang po ral pa nag poi mDo) The Primordial Black Sutra of Ralpachen.

Kun tu bZang po ral pa nag poi mDo

Thanks! Blazing Splendor is a wonderful book and a great resource.

As you may know, Ngak'chang Rinpoche is the teacher of the authors of this site, and it was Düdjom Rinpoche who encouraged him to establish the ngakpa lineage in the West.

I don't know anything about the Kun tu bZang po ral pa nag poi mDo.  Perhaps someone else can comment?


Ngak'chang Tulshuk (Dulshug ) Lingpa

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Tulshuk Lingpa had been visited in a vision by Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal, the consort of
Padmasambhava. She revealed to him that deteriorating conditions meant the time was ripening
for the opening of Beyul Demoshong and that he was the one destined to open it.

Tulsuk Lingpa is the fahter of Sangyum Kamala - Sangyum of Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche -